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<p>This IRC Meeting is planned for 20:00 UTC on Wednesday, 18 April 2012.</p>

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<p>Please feel free to add topics, according to the template on the <ac:link><ri:page ri:content-title="IRC Meetings" /><ac:link-body>parent page</ac:link-body></ac:link>.</p>

<h2>RFC Environment / StringUtils / BinaryUtils</h2>

<p>We currently have duplicated code some special checks of the current environment (like windows check) and helper functions to work with strings binary save.<br />
Additionally we already have a helper class to work with string on different character sets but this class is located on Zend\Text\MultiByte.</p>

<p>This RFC moves the class Zend\Text\MultiByte to Zend\Stdlib\StringUtils, the class Zend\StdLib\StringUtils and the class Environment.<br />
Please read the RFC: <a href=""></a></p>

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<h2>Define status of zf.php, Zend\Tool\Framework and Zend\Tool\Project code generators.</h2>

<p>Currently, we have <code>Zend\Tool</code> components and <code>zf.php</code> script removed from master branch.</p>

<p>So, my question is whether it is feasible to: </p>
<li>have more light-weight <code>Zend\Tool</code> component</li>
<li>updated <code>zf2.php</code> executable</li>
<li><code>ZendToolProviders</code> module (having Zend\Tool\Project providers incorporated).</li>

<p>Please refer to <a href="">RFC - Tool 2.0</a> for more details.</p>

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<h2>Move documentation and demos to a different repository</h2>

<p>Currently, the documentation folder represents the 33% of the project size and usually is viewed through <a class="external-link" href=""></a> and not is usually compiled.</p>

<p>Also the documentation is very outdated and very hard to modify because the developer must learn docbook syntax.</p>

<p>So, my proposal is: </p>
<li>Move the documentation and demos to other repository.</li>
<li>Add a tool to easily modify the documentation<br />
and/or change the document syntax to other language more intuitive allowing to be modified by more people without specific knowledge about docbook.</li>

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  1. Apr 18, 2012

    <p>I'd argue the "tool" and "documentation/demos" topics should be tabled, as there's been zero discussion on the ML about either before today.</p>