ZF2-147: headers values are set in wrong a way in Zend\OAuth\Http\Client


i have found that headers values are set in a wrong way in this method getRequestSchemeHeaderClient(); That's why i always get this error message : "Invalid parameter headers passed". As i noticed that this method setHeaders($headers) in /Zend/Http/Client are expecting parameter as an array or instance of Headers. But in the code it sets as a plain string like $client->setHeaders('Authorization', $headerValue). But if i change the values like $client->setHeaders(array('Authorization' => $headerValue)), then i do not get any error message.


I believe that Zend\OAuth is still in the process of being refactored and updated to use the new Zend\Http\Client component. Last I heard, that was being worked on in padraicb/zend-oauth-cleanup, but the last commit was over 6 months ago.

Actually, it's been updated to use the new HTTP client; it just hasn't been updated to OAuth 2.

This is actually fixed in master now, as of rev f3d92e1.