ZF2-11: "Loader::loadClass " code is remains


current ZF2 is " Removed loadClass() from Zend\Loader" with commited by 2a3c89bec58887a9d647c459a172a4faad9a739e.

But, Loader::loadClass code is still remain

$ grep -r "Loader::loadClass" library/


Issue no longer relevant going by current ZF2 master branch.


You mean that a issue should be along latest code? (ToDo is not issue?)

I think some component (Registry, InfoCard, Captcha, -- which not planned update for zf2) should be still remove "loadClass".

I agree with Kazusuke.

$ grep -r "Loader::loadClass" library/ | wc -l

The count is smaller now, but some still linger (master:1958f8bc4e)

$ grep -r "Loader::loadClass" library/ | wc -l

The majority (7) are in Zend\Db, and will disappear once Ralph's new component is merged.

The remaining ones (besides Zend\Db) are:

library/Zend/Service/StrikeIron.php:73:                @Zend_Loader::loadClass($class);
library/Zend/Registry.php:117:            Loader::loadClass($registryClassName);
library/Zend/View/Helper/Placeholder/Registry.php:167:            \Zend\Loader::loadClass($name);
library/Zend/Form/Form.php:1842:            Loader::loadClass($class);
library/Zend/Log/Logger.php:254:            \Zend\Loader::loadClass($className);
library/Zend/Filter/Encrypt.php:94:            \Zend\Loader::loadClass($adapter);

-library/Zend/Service/StrikeIron.php:73: @Zend_Loader::loadClass($class);-

Pull request #845