ZF-9980: uienable and/or ui_enable in ZendX_Application_Resource_JQuery buggy


Hello! There is a problem in the JQuery Resource Plugin:

       if ((isset($key['uienable']) && (bool) $key['uienable'])
            || (isset($key['ui_enable']) && (bool) $key['ui_enable'])
            || (!isset($key['ui_enable']) && !isset($key['uienable'])))

the variable $key is used in the foreach-loop before:

foreach ($options as $key => $value) {

$key should be replaced by $options:

       if ((isset($options['uienable']) && (bool) $options['uienable'])
            || (isset($options['ui_enable']) && (bool) $options['ui_enable'])
            || (!isset($options['ui_enable']) && !isset($options['uienable'])))
        } else {

best regards, rené kerner



What configuration are you trying to do? What is the outcome? And what is the expected outcome?

i don't like to repeat myself... but if it is really necessary:

as described above and in the issue title, the JQuery resource plugin doesn't parse application.ini / config-options for uienable/ui_enable correct because it's not read from the $options variable, but from the $key variable, which only exists in the foreach-loop-block.

application.ini: resources.jquery.uienable = 0

jquery ui should be disabled.

but it's not disabled by the zend application resource plugin.




Haaaallooooooo??? Ist da draussen irgendwer????

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sorry I missed, that i had to write in english... possibly... because it's quite sunny and hot in germany... ;-)

I said:

heeeellloooooooooooo? somebody out there?

could somebody react on that issue?

Aber naturlich kan ich das ;)

Pushing usually doesn't work. ZF is mainly maintained by volunteers, and as such, they sometimes do have time, and sometimes they don't.

I know. But I published that issue more than 2 weeks ago and it was a very simple bug. And there was no reaction until AND I also submitted the patch for this bug, directly with the issue.

the point is; there are a lot of small bugs known in the issue tracker. In any way; the issue has been resolved in trunk, and was merged with the 1.10 release branch. Meaning that it will be released in the next mini release.