ZF-9951: ZendX_JQuery_Controller_Action_Helper_AutoComplete sets a bad content for the reponse


Consider the following action method used for autocomplete source:

public function getTagsAction() {
        new ZendX_JQuery_Controller_Action_Helper_AutoComplete()
    $this->_helper->autoComplete(array('test', 'testing', 'tester', 'tests', 'i am testing'));

The response of such a call will have each item of the array in its own line (see ZendX_JQuery_Controller_Action_Helper_AutoComplete::prepareAutoCompletion()), where according to the example here: the response should be a json array of strings, or json array of json objects. For example:

[{'id':'111', 'label':'test'}, {'id':'222', 'label':'testing'}, {'id':'333', 'label':'tester'}, {'id':'444', 'label':'tests'}, {'id':'555', 'label':'i am testing'}]


This is an admittedly hacky attempt at a patch, but it did the job for my simple needs, and could be a good start towards a fuller solution. I'm assuming this had to do with the new version of JQuery/UI.

Following up again:

It appears that this autocomplete works for the JQuery plugin (, but not for the Autocomplete now bundled with JQuery UI. It might be advisable to either make this an option, either as a new action helper or as a flag put in.