ZF-9619: Custom Translate Adapters don't work in 1.10.3


After revision 21661, custom Translate Adapters are not being executed. Instead, a notice like: Notice: The language 'en' has to be added before it can be used. in /Path/to/library/Zend/Translate/Adapter.php on line 394 is displayed. Reverting changes from the revision fixes the bug, and has the Adapter working as before.


Sorry, "but do not work" is not enough for reproduction. What are you doing, what are you calling, how does your adapter look like.

Note: Language notices can be switched off... they are no failure, they are wished and available since 1.8 or earlier.

Notice is not an issue in itself, but the Adapter is not executed. Here is the Adapter: <?php class MyNamespace_Adapter extends Zend_Translate_Adapter { private $_data = array();

 * Load translation data
 * @param  string|array  $data
 * @param  string        $locale  Locale/Language to add data for, identical with locale identifier,
 *                                see Zend_Locale for more information
 * @param  array         $options OPTIONAL Options to use
 * @return array
protected function _loadTranslationData($data, $locale, array $options = array())
    // ommitted logic for filling in $this->_data
    return $this->_data;

 * returns the adapters name
 * @return string
public function toString()
    return "MyAdapter";


I call it using: $translator = new Zend_Translate('MyNamespace_Adapter', '', 'en');

I was able to narrow down the issue to the following lines in Zend/Translate/Adapter.php:

    $locale = null;
    if (!empty($options['locale'])) {
        $locale = $options['locale'];

At the end of these lines, the locale is set to 'auto', but:

    if ($this->getLocale() !== (string) $options['locale']) {

$this->setLocale() is executed, even though there is no translation data was loaded from the Adapter yet.

Let me know if this helps

I can not verify your problems:

You are giving '' as content, so there are no data which are added. The raised notices are therefor correct.

When I change your call to give content like

$translator = new Zend_Translate('MyNamespace_Adapter', 'somecontent', 'en');

and add a var_dump within your _loadTranslation method, this var_dump returns the previous given "somecontent".

Ok, I see. This works because of the following:

 if (!empty($options['content'])) {

But why is the content required now? This was not the case in 1.10.2, and I understand that 1.10.3 was a bugfix release, that shouldn't have changed functionality?

A translation was also required before.

$data was not allowed to be empty... we just added array handling which means that the old $data is now internally named $options['content'].

Closing as non-issue