ZF-9226: Abstract ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_AjaxLink and recreate AjaxLink implementing this abstraction


Currently ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_AjaxLink is usefull, but not that useful. If you need anything else than a hyperlink tag with a JQuery request, you'll find yourself writing JQuery instead. Also, Zend_View_Helper_Url return a url which can be used in many situations. You'd expect to find something like ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_Url then, not ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_AjaxLink which then returns an entire hyperlink tag.

ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_AjaxLink will be abstracted into ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_RequestAbstract. AjaxLink will then be recreated implementing RequestAbstract. Also ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_Request will be created, which will basically just return an inline JQuery function.

This is as per discussion with the ZendX_JQuery maintainer Beberlei.


Patch attached; first implementation. Needs some polishing but all unit tests (at least those of Zend_JQuery_View_jQueryTest) pass. Also some new tests need to be added and the documentation needs editing.

Time for bed for me now so I thought I'd submit this working patch as a peak :)