ZF-9191: allow recursive loading of config file


With Zend_Application you can load additional configuration files via

config.subconfig = "subconfig.ini"

Currently it is not possible to load a sub sub configuration file. For example:

config.subsubconfig = "subsubconfig.ini"

configuration file subsubconfig.ini will not be charged.

It would be interesting to implement this recursive loading.


I have quick workaround for this. bq.{{ $application = new Zend_Application( APPLICATION_ENV, APPLICATION_PATH . '/configs/application.ini' );

// Workaround for 2-level recursive including of config files $application->setOptions($application->getOptions());

$application->bootstrap() ->run(); }} It includes at least subsubconfig file, but not subsubsubconfig files... you will have to call {{$application->setOptions($application->getOptions());}} on time for each sub config file level greater than one.