ZF-8760: Cookie encoding


It might be a problem with "Zend_Http_Cookie", and I haven't checked the RFCs. But I had to modify Http/Client.php (1.9.6) as follows

1008,1011c1008,1009 < # $cookstr = $this->cookiejar->getMatchingCookies($this->uri, < # true, Zend_Http_CookieJar::COOKIE_STRING_CONCAT); < $cookstr = preg_replace("/%3A/",":",$this->cookiejar->getMatchingCookies($this->uri,

< true, Zend_Http_CookieJar::COOKIE_STRING_CONCAT));

        $cookstr = $this->cookiejar->getMatchingCookies($this->uri,
            true, Zend_Http_CookieJar::COOKIE_STRING_CONCAT);

I got problems to fetch pages from I compared HTTP Requests with Firefox HttpLiveHeaders and could fetch Pages after the upper modifications. Firefox 3.5.6 does not seem to encode the ":" within the value of a cookie.

Maybe a bug?




Comment Removed. I read the diff provided backwards....oops.

Can you provide a specific example of a header which would cause this problem?

No response from OP. If you have a reproducible test case to share, please reopen the ticket.