ZF-7947: Zend_Queue_Stomp_Client_Connection::canRead() method produces warning


I'm using Zend_Queue from CLI. When I kill my script during call to stream_select (it is waiting for some time if there is no data in socket), I get following warning:

PHP Warning: stream_select(): unable to select [4]: Interrupted system call (max_fd=5) in /usr/local/PEAR/Zend/Queue/Stomp/Client/Connection.php on line 184

I don't think that good object-oriented code should produce warnings.


Hi Anton,

Could you provide sample code and describe the process how to re-produce the issue?



Bulk change of all issues last updated before 1st January 2010 as "Won't Fix".

Feel free to re-open and provide a patch if you want to fix this issue.