ZF-5797: Online Programmer's Reference Guide has a javascript error.


I find a javascript error when I browse .

The message says there is some error of identifier, string or numeral in the line 45 letter 1 .

I think a code causes this error. The code is in the component list in rightside of the online manual as following.

var zend = {
    showVideo: function(target) {
  , { display: "none" });
            dojo.removeClass(item, 'current');
        });, { display: "block" });
        var link = target + '-link';
        dojo.addClass(link, "current");

You can find ``` in line 44 if you display html source .


Today, I find this issue to be fixed. I do not know when it was fixed, so I set 1.7.8 to fix version.