ZF-3121: cache handling in Zend_Http_Client and/or Zend_Http_Response


any http header configure the proxy and/or client cache options. This cache handling can be done by Zend_Http_Client using the Zend_Cache component.

  1. set cache object like:

2. set act as proxy or client like: 

Now Zend_Http_Client can cache responses

  1. to check if the response is from cache like:

$response = $httpClient->request();
if ($response->isCached()) {
    $originalResponse = $response->getOriginalResponse();
} elseif ($response === $response->getOriginalResponse()) {
    echo 'true';


Please evaluate and categorize/assign as necessary.

I have a need for this in a currently active project. I will attempt a patch, and submit it for review.

Any movement on this issue?