ZF-3107: Use INSERT DELAYED for Zend_Log_Writer_Db


{quote} The DELAYED option for the INSERT statement is a MySQL extension to standard SQL that is very useful if you have clients that cannot or need not wait for the INSERT to complete. This is a common situation when you use MySQL for logging (...) {quote}

Using INSERT DELAYED would improve the speed of Zend_Log_Writer_Db. But you can't check, if the INSERT was successful. So maybe it should be an optional feature.


Yes, No, Maybe..?

We'll consider this for 1.8. For now I am marking it postponed, which indicates that the feature request is sound, but we won't work on it immediately. Have you considered submitting a patch and a corresponding unit test to get it on to trunk sooner? Since it adds a few feature, we will have to wait for the next minor release (1.8).

one has to check for the mysql adapters when this is a mysql only option, which makes it somewhat more compliacated, otherwise it sounds like a good optimization.

Reassigning to component lead

Here is a patch to resolve this issue and #ZF-9484. If you don't like it please write what's wrong with it so I could fix it.

@Kamil, you must first sign the CLA in order to use your patch.

Hello again. I've signed CLA and here is updated patch to ZF 1.11.4 and now it also includes changes to one more similar ticket #ZF-7149.…

I'm waiting for comments.

Reassign to the maintener of Zend_Db (Ralph)