ZF-301: Remove requirement for camelcaps transforms for Db fields


Apart from providing a more code-friendly appearance, I feel that the camelcaps transform on field names creates another unnecessary layer of abstraction. If my database has user_list_id and member_status, it is far more readable and understandable for those looking through the code to refer to the field names as-is. Especially as the insert/update and where criteria code still relies on the 'uncamelised' id, this treatment seems a bit inconsistent and redundant, considering the inflector that is needed to re-transform them back to the original field name.

I'm not saying to ditch this feature (as I'm sure some people do quite like this), however wish it to be a configurable option. Ideally you would enable/disable when you instantiate the Db object.

$params = array ('host'     => '',
                 'username' => 'malory',
                 'password' => '******',
                 'dbname'   => 'camelot',
                 'transform' => Zend_Db::CASE_DEFAULT);

$db = Zend_Db::factory('PDO_MYSQL', $params);

CASE_DEFAULT = Unchanged CASE_MIXED = Uppercase words (Camel style - strip underscores) CASE_LOWER = Lowercase (retain underscores) CASE_UPPER = Uppercase (retain underscores)


Almost the same as ZF-50, so let us all put our comments on these topics in ZF-50.

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