ZF-2802: Allow Zend_Loader to load classes with real namespaces


PHP 5.3 introduces real namespaces (Namespace::Class). With the following small patch Zend_Loader can handle them too.


Allow Zend_Loader to handle classes with real namespaces

Please categorize/fix as needed.

Until 5.3 has a stable API, there is no sense in changing this functionality.

Now that 5.3 has been released could this be applied in a 1.x release?

I am just looking at doctrine 2 integration with the 1.x series and this would be a helpful addition, though this can be achieved by adding a custom autoloader into the stack as a workaround.

@Keith I have exactly the same problem while writing a Doctrine 2 resource plugin, I'll reopen the issue and put it to very high priority.

Hm issue is not reopenable. I'll add a new one.