ZF-2509: One True Brace form... or is it?



"The brace is always written on the line underneath the class name ("one true brace" form)."

This statement seems to go against common knowledge, as shown in The Jargon File and Wikipedia on this subject - One True Brace is usually used to refer to having the brace on the same line as the class (or function, or whatever) that the block belongs to.

Source of this confusion is probably the PEAR Coding Standard - PEAR uses One True Brace (or "K&R") Style for its functions, not its classes. Earlier versions of the PEAR CS show that they refered to their way of marking up functions, which is the form known as "One True Brace" according to the earlier mentioned sources, as "One True Brace" earlier, but have now switched over to "K&R".

They do not explicitly name their (and our) standard for classes - it is described as "Allman" style, though.


Corrected terminology - looks like PEAR is not talking about Classes when they say One True Brace or K&R.

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Deleted all references to 'one true brace' in the coding standards. We've got better things to do than come to consensus on what that phrase means. :)

Fixed on trunk with r12839.