ZF-2245: Nothing is returned when convertion to micromole per day


When, i try to convert any unit to or from "micromole per day", i see only the unit "µmol/day" and nothing before this string.

In file Zend/Measure/Flow/Mole.php line 73 we can see "'MICROMOLE_PER_DAY' => array(array('' => 0.000001, '/' => 86400), 'µmol/day')," If i try to convert 1 MICROMOLE_PER_DAY into MICROMOLE_PER_DAY, there should be have the result 1 but i got this string "µmol/day"

For few test, i have change the value 0.000001 into 0.001 and with this value i got a result. For me, there would be a problem with rounded value or something like that.


Fixed with SVN-7701.

But you will almost never get the same output because there are always rounding errors and the result depends on the given precision.

Also the internal precision is fixed with 25. So you will never get a result where a precision higher than 25 is recommended.