ZF-2037: Zend_Session::getSaveHandler()


Zend_Session class does not store the custom save-handler inside the class so we can access it at a later time to configure it further.




This got double-posted due to ZIRA going Yo-Yo! Please remove this issue, too - along with 2038.

Assigned to Ralph

I support the idea of storing the save handler object as a static member and providing access to it via {{Zend_Session::getSaveHandler()}}. Maybe the method returns {{null}} if no custom save handler has been set.


I have added the requested method. I have run the unit tests and everything looks sane. Unfortunatly, Zend_Session does not have a test for save handler, so I think if you could test this method just to make sure its doing what you want (After all it is simply an accessor), that will have to suffice for a test until after 1.5 when I have the time to dedicated some energies to Zend_Sessions tests.

Lemme know if it all works out :)


Marking as fixed, if there are any further issues, please reopen this one.

Hi Ralph,

I'll test it out over the weekend and let you know very soon.



I've tested the new method and it works like a charm!