ZF-1815: Support WURFL in framework


What about support in Zend Framework the WURFL ( This is useful xml-file to identification mobile browser.


This looks like it would be a useful addition to ZF.

I suggest a brief read of the Zend Framework Proposal Process Detail page:

{quote} "A component starts with community discussion on the mailing lists. Describe your idea and participate in discussion. You can start this by sending email to a Zend Framework team member, or to the list yourself." {quote}

See information about ZF mailing lists.

Resolving as incomplete. Please feel free to discuss the idea on the mailing lists to gauge user interest and get feedback, and the next step would be to write a proposal. You may also be able to get others in the community to help you with various aspects of the proposal, and you can always ask questions and revise your proposal as needed.

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