ZF-12321: zend jobqueue for single job


hi i needs create the job queue for single job and get the response for the same time. is this possible with zend jobqueue?

i am using this below code. $queue = new ZendJobQueue(); $params=array("a" => one, "b" => "two"); $jobid = $queue->createHttpJob('http://localhost/done_god/test.php', $params); $joblist=$queue->getJobsList(); print '


pre>'; print_r($joblist); but its giving the response after second job ends. but i want each job response after ends that.


  • This is a bugtracker not a forum.
  • Zend Framework doesn't include a class with name "ZendJobQueue".

If you have questions, then use the mailing lists.

ZendJobQueue is part of the Zend Server product, not Zend Framework. Please direct support questions for it to…