ZF-12170: Useless loading of Manifest


Hello ;

I'm currently looking for the Zend tool implementation and I think I've found a little issue about loading of manifest for client (console).

In Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Console::_preInit(), we can found the following statement:

// which classes are essential to initializing Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Console $classesToLoad = array( 'Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Console_Manifest', 'Zend_Tool_Framework_System_Manifest' );

Here the Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Console_Manifest to be loaded in the only one that seem fully implemented. But, later, in the Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Abstract::initialize() we can found the following statement:

$manifest = $this->_registry->getManifestRepository(); $manifest->addManifest(new Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Manifest());

For me, it's seem that last statement is useless since in both classes, intention seem to be same (provide metadata for client (console). To resume, the class Zend_Tool_Framework_Client_Manifest seem useless and not fully implemented. Look the class docBlock in both classes to know why I think that. You can also try by comment out the two lines in statement above and you will no see any changes when running the tool.

Of course, If I'm wrong, I'm apologies :D

Note: Sorry for my poor English, I'm French.


Addon: That issue seem to be result of refactoring task. If you look at both manifest classes docBlock, you see:


It's same old name for both manifest class. You can also look at the getMetadata() methods docBlock that is exactly same.