ZF-12107: Zend_Filter_CharConverter


Hello, recently I made a filter called "CharConverter" doing a job of converting special characters to another similar character.

Below is an example of implementation;

h3. Examples

$filter1 = new Zag_Filter_CharConvert(array( 
    'replaceWhiteSpace' => '-', 
    'locale' => 'en_US', 
    'charset'=> 'UTF-8' 

echo $filter1->filter('ééé ááá 90');//eee-aaa-90 
echo $filter1->filter('óóó 10aáééé');//ooo-10aaeee 

$filter2 = new Zag_Filter_CharConvert('UTF-8', 'en_US', '-'); 
echo $filter2->filter('éééé ááááá 90');//eeee-aaaaa-90

$filter3 = new Zag_Filter_CharConvert(); 
echo $filter3->filter('éééé ááááá 90');//eeee aaaaa 90 

With this filter is very easy to convert text into friendly url for example.

well, that's it, I do not know if this is in accordance with the Zend but if you would like to help in the development.

Note: The plugin was not implemented with namespaces (Zend\Filter), they still did it to version 1.11.10, but I can adapt easily to the ZF2



Code tags added.

Hi Bruno, nice idea! :-)

Do you have a Github account or something similar, where we can see the code?

Includes your code unit tests?

Hi, I climbed up the project in "github"…