ZF-11643: Zend_View_Helper_HeadLink Add Support for Sizes Attribute


The view helper Zend_View_Helper_HeadLink should be able to support the sizes attribute in order to facilitate the use of apple touch icons.…


Another idea would be to allow setting custom attributes for use with the headlink helper although the point is possibly to make it fairly strict with the correct doctype but if you could easily add custom items it would allow people to adapt more easily. Currently it involves sub classing the view helper.



change line 43 in file "Zend/View/Helper/HeadLink.php" to:

protected $_itemKeys = array('charset', 'href', 'hreflang', 'id', 'media', 'rel', 'rev', 'type', 'title', 'extras', 'sizes');

hope this will be fixed in the next release, thank you.


Patch und unit test added.

Fixed in trunk (1.12.0): r24858