ZF-11533: StringTrim works incorrect with UTF-8 strings


Zend/Filter/StringTrim.php: 122

return preg_replace("/$pattern/sSD", '', $value); => return preg_replace("/$pattern/sSDu", '', $value);

u (PCRE8) This modifier turns on additional functionality of PCRE that is incompatible with Perl. Pattern strings are treated as UTF-8.


This issue duplicates ZF-10891

This issue has been fixed with GH-107

Zend Framework minimal version 1.11.11 Same error. Version of the StringTrim.php yonger than the message about fix - * @version $Id: StringTrim.php 23775 2011-03-01 17:25:24Z ralph $

Preg_replace - return preg_replace("/$pattern/sSD", '', $value); - without latter u