ZF-11294: Zend_Log_Formatters has a spelling error


"Eingache Formatierung" should be "Einfache Formatierung"


Priority changed. It is only a spelling mistake and not a bug in the code!

Kai Uwe, that's why I filed it under the type "Docs: Problem"

This only a very small error. The German translation needs a complete rework. Look at the wiki:…

I can't attach a file so I'll do it inline:

Index: documentation/manual/de/module_specs/Zend_Log-Formatters.xml

--- documentation/manual/de/module_specs/Zend_Log-Formatters.xml (revision 23861) +++ documentation/manual/de/module_specs/Zend_Log-Formatters.xml (working copy) @@ -18,7 +18,7 @@

 <sect2 id="zend.log.formatters.simple">


Eingache Formatierung + Einfache Formatierung
         <classname>Zend_Log_Formatter_Simple</classname> ist der Standard Formatter. Er ist

Fixed in ZF2 with GH-329