ZF-11106: Harcoded white space with value of '1' instead of 'barThinWidth'


In Code25 and Code39, whitespaces between characters are hardcoded with value of '1' instead of 'barThinWidth'. If you do this:


This leads to smaller barcode but not smaller image => textual characters are not centered


Fixed with r23755, merged to 1.11 branch with r23756

I am still running into trouble with the Code128 barcode that I'm using throughout my application. I am also using Leitcode and Identcode and these seem not to be affected at the moment, it seems to just be Code128 for me at the moment.

I applied the… patch to my local ZF installation and generated some barcodes. This is still the result.

Argh! :(

I omit line 232 in Code128.php:

                $barcodeTable[] = array($c, 1, 0, 1);

should be:

                $barcodeTable[] = array($c, $this->_barThinWidth, 0, 1);

I will patch it this evening

New patch with r23760 and merged in 1.11 branch with r23761

I can confirm that the implemented fix indeed solves the problem.

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