ZF-10970: Zend_Mail does not create multipart/alternative messages with plain+HTML where the HTML has embedded images.


Hello world


Patch to implement this new feature.

I noticed a typo in my original code after a refactor... count() was still included after pushing it out to a variable rather than checking the array directly. Very minor change.

Ping? Some kind of feedback would be nice :)

Thank you Colin for this nice patch, I also had the problem to attach inline images, and your code produces mails that are more compatible to mail clients.

Thanks a lot, Colin. Your patch solved an issue with inline images in a HTML mail in Mail on OSX.

The author of this patch is a god amongst men.

While I appreciate the kudos, I believe gods have the ability to commit to upstream subversion, but sadly I do not. I cannot even smite the maintainer for not acknowledging it thus far... :p

Very good. Thanks Colin. It saved my day. Multipart/related is definitely required for some mail clients (Thunderbird at least).

I just had one issue when patching in Eclipse. If you get the error "Call to a member function getParts() on a non-object in ... Abstract.php on line 239". It just means that the patch partially succeeded on Mail.php file. You have to add this line to the __contruct(): $this->_htmlRelatedAttachments = new Zend_Mime_Message();