ZF-10858: limit()'s workaround for pdo_mssql generates invalid query when sorting by columns not selected


i guess it's a very specific need of mine. for avoiding data overload at some point i query only for records' ids sorted by other descriptive field. all that in a pagination context. the code can be summarized as follows:

$table = new My_Table(); $select = $table->select(false); $select->from($table, 'id_field'); $select->order('description_field'); $select->limit(20, 10); $statement = $select->query(); # crashes here

as i'm using pdo_mssql adapter and it has a workaround for the limit() method, the generated query is this:

SELECT * FROM ( __SELECT TOP 20 * FROM ( ____SELECT TOP 30 "my_table"."id_field" FROM "my_table" ORDER BY "description_fied" ASC __) AS inner_tbl __ORDER BY "my_table" DESC ) AS outer_tbl ORDER BY "description_field" ASC

the inner_tbl has only "id_field" and the outermost select tries to order by "description_field".

the simplest workaround is to select both id and description fields but it would be great to see this bug fixed in the framework.

thanks in advance.


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