ZF-10241: Missing parts in ZendAMF (Zend/Locale/* & Zend_Loader_Exception)


Hi Zend! :-)

Legend: "ZendAMF package": ZIP/TAR.GZ file downloaded from

There are some missing parts/classes in "ZendAMF package", that cause PHP Fatal Errors (we have only ZendAMF package, not whole Zend Framework)

  1. In Zend_Date is require_once for some classes from Zend/Locale, but Zend/Locale package isn't included in ZendAMF package.
  2. In some classes is required Zend_Loader_Exception (for example Zend_Loader_Autoloader), but Zend_Loader_Exception isn't included in ZendAMF package.

Maybe, there are other required files, which are not included in ZendAMF package (but are in whole Zend Framework). Could you check it please?

Thank you.


Seems to be a packaging issue; assigning to Matthew.

I've updated our whitelist to ensure these files will be available for our next build -- 1.11.0.